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Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer with These 3 Tips

Jul 29th, 2015
Tags: Lawn Care, Lawn Mowing
During the summer season, the high temperatures can cause problems for even the nicest lawns. Luckily, there are some simple things that you can do to ensure your grass stays healthy in the heat. Here are some helpful landscaping tips on how to keep your lawn looking green and lush throughout the summertime:
Keep it Well-Watered. In addition to long stretches of high temperatures, there can be dry periods during the summer, as well. The combination of heat and dryness can lead to a less than lovely looking lawn. Combat the effects of heat by keeping your grass well-watered. This is especially important during those dry stretches without rain. The best time to water your lawn is in the morning, before the temperatures reach their peak. You can set up a sprinkler system to make it convenient, and you can even set it on a timer so that it will water at the same time every day.
Let It Grow. While you want to keep your property maintained with regular mowing and weeding, you do want to keep the grass a little bit longer in the summer. This helps to protect the crown, which is where the new grass growth comes from. By keeping the blades of grass a little longer, it will shield that lower layer from the sun. If the crown is scorched, the grass will appear yellowed or brown, and new growth won’t be able to thrive.
Use the Right Grass. Another important consideration is the type of grass that you’re growing. There are many different varieties available, and by choosing the right variety for your region, you can help to ensure that it will thrive. Do a little research before you buy and spread grass seed on your property to make sure that you have chosen a suitable type for your region.
Despite high temperatures and scorching sun, you can maintain a lush and lovely green lawn throughout the summer. It takes a little preparation and work, but it’s well worth it. Following these helpful tips will ensure that your grass stays green and healthy all year long.