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Save your lawn and save your water with WaterSaver

Jun 30th, 2016
Tags: Watering, Lawn, Irrigation


What is the WaterSaver program?

WaterSaver by Dreamscapes is a granular moisture manager product that can be applied to the lawn. This granular product is designed to manage soil moisture, minimize drought stress, and effectively reduce watering requirements for your lawn by attracting free water molecules like tiny water magnets, converting them into microscopic droplets and delivering the moisture to your lawns root system. 

How does WaterSaver work?

After our technician applies the product to your lawn, we advise that the product gets watered in immediately if possible, however 3-5 days is acceptable. After being applied and watered in, the product breaks down and makes its way through the soil and forms a film on the root system of your lawn. This film attracts and stores moisture as microscopic droplets. The droplets are then drawn into the roots while the moisture manager film remains in place extracting additional moisture from vapor in the soil matrix.

Dreamscapes WaterSaver moisture manager converts otherwise unusable soil moisture into usable water droplets, reducing overall watering while minimizing or eliminating plant wilt cycles and drought stress.


If you are seeing drought like conditions in your lawn this summer. Be sure to call our office for your FREE QUOTE.